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Lake Silence Review

I was worried, I wouldn't like this as much as I did "the Others" series. Boy was I wrong. I loved learning about a new set of people and others in a different territory! There were references to the old gang back in Lakeside, but never anything too detailed. I think that gave Ms. Bishop the freedom to create something new. Getting up close and personal with a new set of shifters, Sanguinarians and Elementals was delightful. I liked Vicki. There were times I wanted to shake her, but I always empathised and understood why she did the things she did. Her past was a rough one that saddened me, but little by little she moved past and came into her own. I love a story where the main character shows true growth, and Vicki did that and then some! When the land she'd gained in her divorce settlement is threatened The Elders get into the mix. I've been fascinated by them since the first series, so the level of detail she goes inot in this story was everything! Funny, Fastpaced, full of emotion and adventure, this is a five star read for me.

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