Meet the Characters 


Louella Eschete : Heir to her magical family and bond mate to Master Vampire, Cristobal Cortez, this sassy witch is getting a crash course in being queen, and solving cases with her business Witch For Hire. Leaving home to find herself when she was younger, she’s plunged into a


Workers at Witch For Hire





Felicites Eschete – Sweet tempered , this southern girl knows it’s easier to catch a fly with honey than it is with vinegar. Powerful, smart, and easy-going, she’s a deadly combination for those who only see a pretty face.


– The only daughter of the Morel family, she butts head with their tradition. In Sacha Morel bad stand with her family after refusing, an arranges marriage and moving out on her own. This witch is out to prove she can do things on her own. With an affinity for the element water, and attitude as big as the ocean, this smart-mouthed witch always makes a splash.


Cristobal Cortez: Originally from Spain, this dapper vampire has built his empire from the ground up. Sired by a Rasputin, this self-made vamp is a deadly advisory. As cunning as he is handsome and charming, he’s slowly expanding his territory one parish at a time. When his queen back at his side he’ll be invincible. He just needs to convince her first.


Cristobal’s Inner Court


Sired by her Uncle Luz: Cristobal , this right-hand woman is ruthless. Slow to trust, her shoot first ask questions later is what makes her good at her job, but her life lonely.


Gillet- This Parisian artist from the 15th century is full of personality and style. Born to rub elbows, he’s the diplomatic wonder boy who smooths ruffled feathers, breaks hearts, and creates treaties.


Rene- Made in the late 1800’s Rene is the baby of the bunch. He oozes charm from his pores and sets people at ease. HIs gift is his weapon. You never see him attack until you’re taking your last breath. Known for keeping the peace among the group with his light-hearted mirth.


Larkin – Born in the 1700’s, he’s equal parts brain and brawn. Always on hand to help with strategies and muscle, he possesses a quiet intensity.


Percival – This 18th century native Louisianan is a gentleman is smooth as silk. One of the two historians, he keeps the records, treaties, and current states of affairs straight.  


Ada – This mysterious vampire is a local made in the 18th century. She keeps her backstory close to her chest.


Ruby – This fiery Scot is as fierce as she is beautiful. A  born fighter, this loyal spitfire has a knack for extracting information by any means necessary.


Miles – This bookish Britt was turned in the 18th century and never lost his love of learning. One of two court historians, he’s often found in the library and quick to find an opponent's weakness.


More coming soon, so stay tuned


Disclaimer: All of this images used are simply character inspirations. No money is being made from their usage. 




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