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A Reluctant Knight

A Magical Descendant 

A Race Against Time

First Look


Nakeeta Alva walked through SoulStone burning a bundle of dried sage and envisioning white light flooding every inch of the building. Different energies traversed the metaphysical store all day. Some who came to her for advice and assistance carried negative energy along with them. From attachments to damaged auras, the building constantly housed diverse and at times conflicting energies.

She ended every day with a cleansing. Following her instinct, she zeroed in on a disturbance that upset her stomach. Blowing the smoke toward the books that lined the shelves, she moved toward closer to the front door. The incense burning in the holders helped fill every nook and cranny with the cleansing smoke. An inky black wisp of smoke rose up from the ground. She froze.

Her fingers clenched. The dark energy was alluring. It called to her, tempting her with its potency. She gritted her teeth. “Return from whence you came.” Blowing the smoke directly onto the tendril, she imagined a blazing white-hot fire, eviscerating it like a laser. The energy shattered and drifted away. She bowed her head, breathing hard. Today, she won. Rattled, she quickly finished cleansing and moved to the room in the back. It’s time.  

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