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 Who your sire is determines much about your undead life. Get to know a few of the most well-known Master Vampires.                      


Vlad the Impaler – The legends were true. This ruthless dictator still holds to his old ways. Those from his line have an affinity for shapeshifting, and a touch of paranoia. Groomed to dominate and conquer before they are set off on their own, they tend to do well.


She needed blood for more than staying young.  A bit insane and still quite vain, this clever vampire rules from an iron throne. Her lineage is known for their incredible ability to influence Elizabeth of Bathory – *cough Compel even their own kind.


Grigori Rasputin – There’s a reason this dark historical figure was notoriously difficult to kill. Rumored to have made a deal that gave him not only immortality but magic beyond the grave, his lineage are the only of their kind who can wield magic... He wasn't the only one in his family to be a vampire. 


Jack the Ripper – One murderer who’ll never be found. Prone to bloodlust, it took this master vampire time to get himself under control. Known for their strength and brutality, those from his lineage create the Assasin force known as “Rippers.” They are the cleaners who make rogue vampires, and vampiric killings disappear.



The original sibling who slew his brother was doomed to roam the earth, and hunger for blood for his atrocious crime. Secretive and selective, he’s wary of whom he turns. Harder to kill than most, all of those created by Cain tend to be long-lived.

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