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His Sister's Bestfriend

Solomon The man of the house since my father’s death at sixteen, I knew I’d be the guardian for my sister, Susan, who has Down syndrome. However, I didn’t realize I’d become her guardian while dealing with my mother’s mini-strokes, rehabilitation, and selling the family home. I’m drowning in paperwork and emotions as I try to get Susan adjusted. A new care plan and a specialized school act as light at the end of the tunnel. I never expected to find her new bestie is my old crush.

Bringing Up Baby

In the span of a heartbeat, a drunk driver leaves my brother-in-law fighting for his life and sister out of commission. With my parents on an international cruise, I’m the guardian of my nephew, Noah. I love the kid. I mean, I’m his godfather, but I know next to nothing about caring for a baby. Shell-shocked and at my wit’s end with a colicky babe who seems to be allergic to sleep, I’m about to cry with him when an angel, in the form of my sexy neighbor, knocks on the door and begins to show me.

Sergio's Final CoverB

Fresh out of jail, Sergio De Luca has one thing on his mind—repairing the broken pieces of his life. When he walks into Landi’s pizza parlor looking for work and runs into his high school tutor, his plans change. The brainy beauty Enid had once come to life in his room. Keeper of his secrets, she saw the man behind the rebellious all-star football player. When the flames of passion rise once more he begins to seek her submission.

Breath of Life Full Size

Our existence is an unpredictable patchwork quilt made up of moments that shape and mold us. Some change us for the better, and others devastate and threaten to shatter our souls. I learned the hard way, one event can change your life forever.

Destination Don'ts

Don't overindulge in alcohol on the flight Don't make out with the hot stranger next to you Don't think you'll never see the sexy as sin make out partner again Don't fall in love in paradise There are rules and etiquette for destination weddings- Kisi and Agustin broke them all.

Unforeseen Serendipity

The past refused to let their love die. The last thing Loretta “Lo” Inam expected to find on her new dating service was the one man who shattered her heart. Dating without seeing each other or knowing the other’s name seemed perfect. She spent seven months falling for the charming man with a deep voice and a strong personality. Connecting over their love of 80’s movies, the outdoors, and more, she’s ready to call him the one. Imagine her shock when she sees her lost love, Tomas Garcia.

One Night in Spain

The minute he laid eyes on Deandra at his brother’s engagement party, Diego Garcia was smitten. The older woman with voluptuous curves, and an enchanting laugh, drew him in like bees to honey. The week-long destination wedding in Spain was his chance to win her over and show her that age truly is nothing more than a number. The Garcia family was known for their curse. Once they meet the one, no other woman exists. Now, he has to prove to Deandra what he feels is more than lust.

Lakeside Retreat

Settle down with a wife or lose his position as a future partner in the family law firm. The stakes are high, and the terms are clear for playboy bachelor Angel Garcia. Forced to choose between a ball and chain and being cut off, he makes a plan to have his cake and eat it, too ... a contract marriage.

Cabin Cohabitation

Cut off from his funds after standing up to his overbearing grandfather, Dylan Garcia finds himself in dire straits. Co-habituating with his female bestie, he's enrolled in a crash course on budgeting, cohabitation, and life outside the family business. The cozy living space creates an intimacy that has him seeing his sexy roommate in a new light.

Tough Cookies

The fire in the kitchen was only the beginning. Recently divorced, humiliated on live television, and challenged by the other-woman to a cookie contest, Matilda Lawson is having a rough start to a new year. Desperate for redemption and eager to get revenge, she enlists the help of home baker Anders Rivera. Leaving his family advertising agency to run his Youtube channel full time, Cookie King, Anders has a lot to prove.

Manage My Heart

One Lie will change everything For the past five years, Adora has managed everything about Weston Rogers’ life. She’s sent flowers to his on and off again girlfriends, booked fancy dinners for clients, and never let him forget his mother’s birthday. Somewhere along the line, she broke the rules and fell for the sexy bearded beast with a questionable temper. With her illustration side hustle taking off, the only thing left to do before leaving the company is telling him how she feels.

Bon Voyage final (2)

When her friend bails on a geek’s dream cruise, Siobhan makes the bold choice to sail alone. The decision sends her hurtling headfirst into adventure and a romance with a mystery man. She’s in danger of falling, but he’s made it clears this is a no-strings-attached arrangement. Struggling to live in the moment, she’s determined to leave the cruise with her heart intact.

'Tis the Season

Sparks fly, but their doubts lead them to form a friends with benefits arrangement. What happens when feelings develop, and one of them wants more?

Tangle of Tinsel

Can the two work together to undo the tangle of tinsel and find a merry Christmas together?

Baby It's Cold Outside Final2 (2)

Delta Elliot is returning home. The place she fled after her heart was broken, and she fell into a deep depression. After a childhood being moved around in the foster system, abandonment issues and codependent relationship left her accepting less than she deserved. Space and therapy have her ready to live life on her own terms.

All I want for Christmas is Yoon

Can Yoon break the ties and move past the training pounded into him to accept the real love he and Hartley have always craved?

You've got A Hole on Me

Athena Darling Donuts is the job of my heart. I invested in the company to make life better in the long run. As a single mom of a pre-teen, it doesn’t pay all the bills. So, I work at a nightclub on the weekends to make up the difference. I have one rule, never give out personal information. Then a handsome co-worker saves me and changes my mind. Now I’m struggling with my heart’s desires and the responsibilities that take up all my time and energy. Having both isn’t an option… right.

Donut Forget About Me

Leo Over the years, I’ve lost my husband, child, and identity. It landed me in a dark place, which is nearly impossible to escape. With the financial portion of the divorce settlement rolling in, a new business venture to focus on, and tough love from my best friends and co-owners, I’m stepping into the light. Rebuilding from the ground up ain’t easy. I’m just getting my footing in this new existence when Cooper Morgan returns, threatening to steal the peace I’ve worked so hard to find.

Donut Go Breaking My Heart

Fear caged me, but he set me free. With his sexy smile, carefree attitude, and determination, Rowdy Ramirez showed me what my uptight, controlled life had me missing out on. Moving away from the scars of my childhood trauma, I learn to trust my gut and give in to the desire I’ve tried too hard to hide from him. I’m falling fast. His passion is quicksand. The more I struggle, the deeper I sink. Now the thing I dread most is him breaking my heart.

You Drive me Glazy

Royce Never trust tequila. That evil liquor had me crossing lines with my best friend, Lorenzo, we swore we wouldn’t cross … again. Now we’re sorting through emotions and searching for a home thanks to a freak fire. All I want to do is take things back to the way they used to be. But Zo is having none of it. It’s a battle of wills and wiles. May the best man or woman win.

Wild and Noble Full Size

Ezekiel “Zeke” Wild has spent the past year fulfilling his best friend’s final wish, taking care of his fellow firefighter’s family. Falling for his little sister, Noble, wasn’t part of the plan.

Pretty Hurts All romance

Efia Bello knows firsthand how much Pretty Hurts. As a make-up artist and stylist, she’s seen the cruelty and unrealistic expectations of perfection required in the industry. When her hair begins to fall out and she discovers she has Alopecia Areata she’s forced to dig deep and find the beauty in herself. The last thing she expects to find during her struggle is love.


After the passing of her beloved Gran, Lilac saw her life in a new light. Her demand for a raise and a new job title get her a dream assignment: a month long report on living off the grid. The only thing standing in the way of what she’s always dreamt of is veteran Marine sniper turned survivalist, Thorn Finch.


Deserted on his wedding day and left to raise triplets alone, Houston Maloney leaves his heart behind at the altar. Focused on his car restoration business and his three little ones, he’s made it through the terrible twos, and tougher threes with the help of Godmother extraordinaire, Liv Cole. Can they recover from loss and heartache to try again for love?

He Loves Me Not Full

When best friend’s Petunia and Mason find themselves in a bind, marriage seems like the perfect solution. There’s a list they need to follow to make the contract marriage believable. Step 1: Pitch the deal &Tell the Folks Step 2: Be seen out and about together Step 3: Date, Date & Date some more Step 4: Your Place or Mine? ( Move in together) Step 5: The Proposal Step Six: Fulfill the contract Warning: Do not Fall in love

Thorn in my Side

Olive Bateman is living her dream. Selling her Jewelry and all natural Bath and Body products, she’s on the cusp of making a name for herself, when an opportunity she can't refuse arises. Heiress Rachael Davenport hires her to design a cohesive look for her wedding. The stumbling block --. A sexy six-foot-one, sandy-brown-haired, blue-eyed perfectionist hell-bent on driving her insane.

Nip It In The Bud Full Size

Andrew Hunter is the best thing that ever happened to me … and the worst. Sexy, intelligent, and masculine, he checks all the boxes on the ‘man of my dreams’ wishlist. There’s one catch: he needs a ring before we do the thang. I thought I knew what true love would look and feel like, but he’s showing me I have a lot to learn.

Death by Chocolate Full Size

Losing his parents in a tragic accident made Micah Davenport question the existence of life after death. The search for proof led him to the Cincinnati Paranormal Investigation Team. Heading his first solo case as lead paranormal investigator, he stumbled on a haunting with roots in the town's history and a woman who has the potential to capture his heart

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