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Review A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

5 Stars

This blew book one out of the water. Wow. I'm still on a reading high! Maas took me on an emotional roller coaster with this one. I was angry for Feyre and so upset that she let certain things happen. Seeing the fight and light dim, slayed me. I don't want to be spolier heavy, so I'll only say the flip that happened had my jaw dropped and dragging on the floor. All is not what it seemed in book one! Seeing her work her way through PTSD was realistic, and so damn tough to watch. I felt like she was screaming for help and no one saw her, except the one who cared the most. The new characters we met were intriguing, multifaceted and added to the richness of the world. The adventures they embark on, the lore, and the history took this world to the next level. The past between the humans and Fae runs so much deeper than we ever anticipated, and the clearly drawn lines between good and evil get murky and gray. The details are descriptive and the pictures she paints create whimsical places with teeth and claws, because they are as deadly as they beautiful. Much like the Fae themselves. I can't wait to get to the next book!

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