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The Long Con ( Geek Actually #1.4)


This is the 4th episode in the first season of Geek Actually, a 13-episode serial from Serial Box Publishing. This episode was written by Cecilia Tan. Michelle, Aditi, and Elli love a good con, and when they converge at Booklovers, it proves to hold exciting opportunities for each of them. Meanwhile, Taneesha goes to a game night at Diego’s store, hoping to get another chance to gauge his interest. Christina and Vivi get closer, but does Vivi want more than Christina is willing to give

Title: The Long Con ( Geek Actually #1.4)

Author: Cecilia an

Rating ; 4 stars

I fell in love with this story. I mean, older geek girls in a variety of careers and places in their life. Sign me up! Each girl is distinct with their own personality and issue to work through, but they all connect in that way busy friends do. I loved seeing their support of each other, their honesty, and each one of them figuring out their next move. The fact that they were older and had lived a little was refreshing. Sometimes I think older women get left out of fiction. I'm dying to know what will happen next. Will Michelle continue to heal from her divorce and further investigate the world of BDSM. Is Christina ready to be out in the open with the woman she's dating, who happens to be pretty darn famous? Will Ati get over her nerves at her first major book event? WillRuby land the job she needs? There were parts I found to be slow and info dumpy, but for the most part the pace was on point. If you're a fan of conventions, POC finding representation in writing, and Geek Girls. Give this one a read

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