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My Writing Roots

Today I was thinking about my father, and how he had a huge hand in shaping me. My Father was a military man through and through. He retired from the Army, worked for the V.A., and held a successful run as a lightweight boxer. He was also a hopeless romantic. Which is why I write alpha males with heart. He could hunt, shoot, fish, and still be as gentle as a lamb. I grew up watching Wuthering Heights, The Wolfman, Nightmare on Elm Street and Lawrence of Arabia. He was a bundle of contradictions, a lot like me, and I can see his influence in every romance I write. It helps me ensure he lives on. He never saw me put out a book, but I’d like to think he’s proud of me and helping guide me.

I was missing him something fierce today, so I turned on Hello Dolly, laughed and remembered how much he loved Babs and Frank Sinatra. It made me wonder why I hadn’t ventured into the world of Romcom before. It like me and my father is a mix of love, laughter , and well… quirkiness. I’m excited to share with you a trailer for my upcoming release, He Loves me Not.

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