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Here I'll be. My writers' Promise

Writing romance gives me life. I love to highlight the small gestures, first kisses, moments of realization, and a million other nuances of romance. Trust me, i'm enjoying every bit of the research that goes into every story. I believe everyone deserved a happily-ever-after. I write diverse story lines with the intention of representing as many women as I can. I want every person out there to be able to see er... read a character they can really relate to, and feel represented. I write because I feel it's my way of bringing beauty, happiness, and hope into the world.

I wrestle with the demons that torment my soul, the memories that linger when I wish they wouldn’t, and the ups and downs of my life on paper. My characters whisper, and sometimes yell, railing against the cells in my mind as they demand to be free. They want their stories told, "like yesterday. Except for when they don’t.

Sometimes they go silent, or the noise of life drowns them out. Like a radio station that's just out of range. I get bits and pieces, garbled messages, and when it's awful, nothing. Those days tend to happen more when the stress builds, the days are harsh, and negativity permeated the air.

During dark days it can be hard to focus on the light. But pushing forward is a must, and it’s during those times joy is needed most. So through all the upheaval, trails, fear-filled moments. I shall continue to be here, writing, publishing, posting about coffee, and hopefully bringing a smile a chuckle, and even if it's brief, a moment of respite to all my Colts, who I appreciate greatly. That's my writer's promise. Regardless of if our beliefs align, if you agree with my opinions which you may see from time to time. I hope my stories offer a haven in a storm. Because respect lives on my page. But we must remember, we have to give it to get it. #Holdon #liveyourtruth #restwhenyoucan #respectishere

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