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DeClutter Life

I’m striving to be a better me inside and out in 2017. That means getting rid of clutter. It’s something I make a point of doing monthly in my home. As a rule, something has to go out before something new comes in. It keeps the place tidy, and me from becoming completely overwhelmed.

I thought it made sense to carry that practice over into the rest of my life. Those newsletters I subscribed to and stopped reading. The groups I’m in, but don’t use. With each thing I get rid of, I gain a bit more energy, control, and focus. I have a bad habit of spreading myself too thin.

This year one of the questions I plan to asks frequently is what I’m getting from the things I’m doing. What’s your question for the year? How do you de-clutter or prevent clutter?

Here are few tips on de-cluttering life below.

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