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No Resolutions. Goals with a plan

With the new years, we always make resolutions and goals. This year I went a step further, I made statements of things I would achieve and deadlines. Each month I’m focusing on getting closer to those deadlines with every month.

This month, yours truly is trying to reach that long-sought-after pre-baby weight. I’m down 25lbs so far since the end of August 2016 using Focus T25, running, Piyo and watching what I eat. I’m also tackling bedtime and morning routines.

I have 18lbs between me and my goal, so I kicked it up the first week of January with 21day fix and started a hardcore schedule for 2017. For my morning routine. I’m up. I have my coffee and inspirational reading, and meditation. I do this while consciously not looking at my phone or emails. After that ( or at times during it) I make sure my kidlets are dressed for school and have their breakfast. While they eat, I get in my work out. So far, I like it. That hour with no tech has made such a difference.

My bedtime routine consists of an alarm that goes off about an hour before my goal bedtime. I make sure my face is washed, drink a cup of tea, read, and journal to empty my brain. I jot down thoughts on stories I may have, check my schedule for the next day, and write down the highlights of my day. It really ends things on a high note and helps me relax. My last step is to put on music. I’ve had the best sleep I’ve gotten in a long time.

Are you looking to adjust your routine? What helps you wind down at night and get ready for the day in the mornings?

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