Now I Rise by Kiersten White Review




This just keeps getting better. I saw so much growth for Lada. She's hard-headed, but can be taught. I needed to see that progression with her. I also got to see her be vulnerable, and perhaps not feminine, but recognize that female side of herself. She had to make some tough decisions, but I was proud of her for some of those choices. Others, I wanted to throttle her for. As usually MS. White had me completely wrapped up in everything. It's such a perfect blend of history, action, adventure, and emotions. 

Radu... Oh, Radu, what can I say. His habit of making the same mistakes, and doing what he knows isn't best for him infuriate me... like al ot. Though, i have to give him credit for the growing he did. Seeing him come into his own, decide what he believed in, and make a stand, ( wither right or wrong) was refreshing. This was an amazing follow-up to And I Darken, which I think came out even better, because she throws in twists, and really develops each character further. 

I can't wait for the final book.



5 Star 

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