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Hunted Book Discussion

TItle: Hunted

Author: Meagan Spooner

Rating: 2.5


2.5 I was so disappointed in this book! I'd heard so many good things. It started off slow, but I was willing to give it a chance and kept reading. I liked Yeva. She was strong and not afraid to be different in very conservative and judgemental society. I enjoyed her pluck, love of hunting, and the outdoors. ... At first. Her love and "free spirited" personality turned to this monotonous, excuse for bad decisions. Ugh. All the "love" interests were more plays for power which I hated. I know you don't love me, but think of your family. I can make sure they're taken care of. UGH. No. It just turned my stomach, and let's not talk about The Beast. For me, he had no redeeming qualities. If I literally manacle you to the floor, and threaten to kill you and your family, there's no chance of falling in love. Especially since she thought he killed her father. All of their interactions were full of her need to revenge her father's death ( by killing him!) and him trying to fight the urge to eat her, or just think rationally. Not sexy. The emotions she built up have this whole name to them. Stockholm Syndrome! Which is even addressed in the book. *Throwshandsupintheair I loved her use fo Russian fairytales. I'm assuming from this that the story took place in Russia? WE were sort of floating in an undefined territory when it came to the place this story took place. I felt like we were given too much info on some things that were minor and not enough about other more important things. I waited for almost 350 pages for action to start, and when it did. It was over before it began. In the blink of an eye everything was done, and not even neatly wrapped. It felt like the end was an afterthought. Or a choose your own adventure. They might do this, or not. What? No. I just read 400 pages, you need to tell me something, and how did the end really work out? I felt like Spooner wrote herself into a corner and then tried to write herself out with some "God int he machine" plot device that really didn't work and wasn't every explained. If you have a reoccurring theme throughout the book that you use at the climax, it needs to be explained or written in a way that's easily understood. Yeah, this was just not for me.

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