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Top 5 Wednesday: Fandoms I abandoned

Top 5 Wednesdays: Fandoms I am no longer a part of.

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  1. The Vampire Diaries. I feel off toward the end of season 4. I couldn’t handle their mistreatment of my favorite character, Bonnie Bennett, or the “Elena show” it turned into. One person who caused so much damage unapologetically and never really had to pay for it or apologized. #nope

2. Grim: I made it through he first 2 seasons, we really enjoyed it, and then… I guess we ran out of time and never really picked it back up.

3.The Walking Dead. I bailed when it got super slow between the end of Season 2 and 3. I know. I hear it got so much better, and I should give it another spin.

4.Laurel K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series. I loved the hell out of this series, but somewhere between books 7 and 8, it lost so much of what I loved about it. I didn’t recognize Anita as she once was, and the focus shifted to things I wasn’t as interested in.

5.Castle: I bailed on that when they kept the same story line going long past its prime and tried to get rid of Beckett. I had nothing to hold on for at that point.

What are fandoms you no longer belong to? Why did you leave?

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