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Top Five Friday

Top Five Friday.

My top Five reads of May 2017 In no particular order

1.The Devil’s Engine ( Hellfighters 2) By Alexander Gordon Smith

Rating 4.5

This YA horror that had my jaw dropping, heart racing, fingers turning the page, and emotions bubbling and brewing like coffee percolating. *Shakes fist. You got me good Mr. Smith. Two Parts Hellraiser, one-part gritty fiction, and one part teen emotions, this fast-paced, unpredictable plotted book is a must read. Because this is book two, I don’t want to give away too much plot, but in a battle to keep hell from coming to earth, the stakes are high.

2. Hidden by Helen Frost

Rating: 5 Stars

This coming of age story blew my mind! When a young girl, Ren is accidentally kidnapped when her mother’s car is carjacked after a robbery she goes through a terrifying week of hiding out. After an escape that leads to the man’s arrest, time passes.

The twist comes when Ren ends up at summer camp with the daughter of the man who kidnapped her, Dara. Their reconciliation and healing is a beautiful, tough, and unpredictable thing to read. We get to see both sides of the story and two young women who grow, forgive, and show us how different lives can be.

I’ve never read anything like this, and I ate it up. This was an audiobook, and the narrator was amazing.

3. Dark Skye by Kresley Cole

Rating: 5 Stars

Oh, my Angst and heartbreak! *clutcheschest This novel has a push and pull, love to hate, and second chance romance all rolled into one. Did I mention it's sprinkled with paranormal and mythological and magical goodness?

I love Cole’s world period, but this story hit all the right notes for me. When Lanthe falls in love with a boy who’s from a rival species as a child, she never could’ve imagined that they’d be bitter enemies over five-hundred years later. Especially since she’s his mate. Yeah, it presents a problem, as you probably imagined.

Thronos … oh my , he took me on an emotional rollercoaster. You can’t help but feel a certain way about him at the start of the book, but as secrets come to light, things change, and you fall for this broken boy in the body of a warrior. *sighs. If you like angst, magical beings, love to hate , and fierce woman warriors, this is the perfect pick for you.

4. Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall

Rating 5 Stars

This was an unexpected educational, emotional journey. We follow Norah, a teenage girl who suffers from a severe case of O.C.D. , anxiety, and agoraphobia. Trapped inside her home by her own mind, she’s anything but the average teen. Only leaving her home for weekly appointments with her doctor, she finds her life turned upside down when a teenage boy, Luke, moves in next door. They forge an unlikely friendship that reminds her of all the things she’s truly missing.

While there’s romance, this is Norah’s story. A glimpse into the realities of living with a mental illness. To me , she was incredibly brave. Fighting the impulses and thoughts on a daily basis was a battle she won more often than not. Seeing her fight to gain more independence, and have a fuller life inspired me, and made me realize all the everyday things I take for granted.

I highly recommend this read for everyone. It’s an eye opener that tugs on your heartstrings. I will caution for triggers. There’s cutting and depressing.

5. Shadow Shapers Book 1 by Daniel Jose Older

Rating : 5

As someone hungry for more diversity in romance, this story satisfied me on so many different levels! Full of characters who were people of color, Shadow Shaper is a rich tapestry comprised of urban settings, tradition, and cultures. I was in heaven.

The story was also solid. I’ve never read anything quite like it. Our leading lady, Sienna is an intelligent, artistic, Latina from New York who has plans to spend her summer painting a mural for the neighborhood and hanging out with her friends. Things take a turn when she notices the murals are moving, crying, and her family’s dark secret that refuses to stay buried.

When her grandfather, a stroke victim, begins to apologize and try to communicate in a way he hasn’t for over a year, things begin to come to light. Her family has a legacy she must protect, fast, because an enemy is coming. Mystery, adventure, teen angst, and the paranormal and spiritual all woven into one, Older has created a masterpiece told with an Own Voice.

I covered these book and more in my Library Haul with reviews that will be following on my you tube channel The Colt FIles

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