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3-2-1- Chill

Today I’m talking de-stressing. It’s no coincidence that this is also homework day for me and the kiddos. Life these days feels like it moves at one-hundred miles and being overwhelmed and stress can feel like a state of existence during some weeks. It can feel impossible to get in time for ourselves. Yet, it’s sorely necessary.

I made my way to the experts for some quick destress tips.

You can check out more from the Stress Expert on her website.

I also have a few one-minute tension busters

Listen to Nature Sounds – Studies show 1-3 minutes can work wonders on stress. ( Think oceans, brooks, and rainforests)

Laugh – It can help you bust out of a stressful headspace.

Deep Breathing – Breathing deeply in and out for a minute can refresh your mind and reset your body.

Essential Oils – scent can be a powerful way to induce positive emotions.

I hope these tips were helpful. I"ll be remembering

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