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Take E.l.f. Home or leave it on the shelf?

Monday make-up Mayhem

Take the Elf Home or leave it on the shelf?

Today I’m talking brushes. They cost a pretty penny, but they’re so important. You can’t create a masterpiece without the right tools, and a flawless face follows that rule. Because of this, I decided to buy Elf Brushes ( They were 1.00 a piece) and put them to the test.

It’s been a week so far with every day use.

Here are my thoughts.

I loved most of the brushes. They’ve all held up well, but for me, I needed more bristles for the Total Face brush. It required more effort to blend everything in then I wanted to put in daily. . I’d give the brushes a 3.5. You can’t beat that for the price .

I also want to add, E.l.F. has different tiers for their brushes. This was the lowest one. If you're interested in this amazing company with affordable prices. You can swing by their website here.

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