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Misadventures (or not) Makeup Monday :Eyebrow slay

Misadventures (or not) Makeup Monday :Eyebrow slay

We All have those things we “intend” to do, but never seem to get around to. Well, I’m calling myself out. Before I decided to be an author, I toyed with the idea of being a make-up artist. I always wanted to be more proficient in the art of giving good face. Here is where I’ll try and hopefully succeed more than I fail. First on my list of knowledge, one must possess is how to slay eyebrows.

Armed with Trend brow set , and a black eyeliner pencil by Ellen Tracy, and Full cover Camouflage Cream by Make up forever I youtube videos and went for it….

The final verdict

They’re okay, but I want to change a few things. One. get them waxed I’m overdue for a touch up, and two try a dark brown pencil, and get a brow brush. Do you have any tips or tutorials you love for brows? Please, share them below.

Credit to : Rose Kimberly for the amazing vidoe. I adore her! You can find her here


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