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Pink Hair Don’t Care

Pink Hair Don’t Care

Not only am I brunette, I have black hair. Which means in order to get some serious color… I would have to bleach it.

If you don't know too much bleach =

Needless to say, growing up I had dye envy for all of my fair haired friends.

Then I grew up and discovered the wonderful world of extensions. The hair accessories that allow you to try all the shades of the rainbow without wrecking your real hair.

I’ve had everything from honey-blonde to little mermaid red in my hair, but I’ve never gone for the one color I love most. Pink.

I’ll be remedying that next week with a Rose Gold hue I’m bananas over.

I have this thing about marking items off my bucket list, and this one has been there for some time. The appointment is set, the hair colors are chosen, and I am counting down the days! Of course, I’ll be posting pictures when it’s all said and done.

What hair color have you always wanted to try?

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