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To Ship or not to Ship

To Ship or Not to Ship

Some of my best story concepts start with the question, What if? I’m a fan of stories. Be they written, filmed, based on true stories, or complete fiction. So I’m a huge movie/tv buff along with being an avid reader. Every time I watch a show or read a series, I find myself drawn to the secondary characters or unusual pairings.

I love a good anti-hero, and sometimes filling in the blanks is more fun than watching a story unfold line by line. We always know everything about our main characters after a period of time. Perhaps, that’s why the secondary role’s appeal to me so much?

Here are a few of my personal Favorites.

Vampire Diaries: Bonnie Bennett & Klaus Michaelson aka Klonnie:

( Talk about your hate to love troupe) They’re both so powerful, and she was never afraid to stand up to him. He’s known to have a thing for witches. Not to mention their families have ancient ties. They could rule the world darling, and she could help him remember he does have a heart. Plus hello, their kids would be amazing. All I’m saying is imagine the Originals with Bonnie as Hope’s Baby mama…mmmm hmm.

Vampire Diaries: Bonnie Bennett & Damon Salvatore Aka Bamon:

(I’m sensing a theme with this hate/love. You have to admit, needed someone who’d force him to grow and ‘work for it’) They were best friends first. He spilled his guts to her. She made him a better man. Not just a better vampire, a better being. It was right there. ( Come on writers, you dropped the ball) She had no ties to his past, and for once they could’ve been each other’s first choice. Damon wouldn’t cheat on her with a freaking ghost. So many reasons! You can’t deny this two always made a dynamic team and got the job done. Plus all that earlier anger between them could be repressed sexual tension. ( I’m just saying.)

Marvel X-Men : Storm & Gambit aka Oreo:

All those kisses, and yet they’re just friends. They trust and understand each other. He’d lighten Storm up, and she’d help him “focus.” They were both brought up in similar ways. ( Yeah, I went old school. I never understood why this wasn’t really explored in any comicverse. It’s like when you have two friends who are totally into each other, but they’re blind to it while everyone else sees it a mile away)

What non-cannon couples do you ship?

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