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For the Love of Paranormal

When did your love of the Paranormal first start? I think mine was somewhere between childhood where my dad converted me into a horror film fan and my preteens when I discovered Paranormal romance and Young Adult Horror.

Come on, who doesn’t remember the Fear Street Series by R.L. Stine, or any of the amazing books by Christopher Pike?

You also had the original Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, and the Nightworld series, to run through some of my favorites by the queen. L.J. Smith.

On the softer side, you had books like Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis.

The concept of being in a world, but existing out of it while longing to be accepted and loved always got me in the gut. I also loved learning about new species, traditions, character histories that spanned the years, and new cultures. The concept of a society hidden within our own society thrilled me.

It got me wondering, what if, and my quest moved outside of books and movies into the real world, and all the paranormal happenings, phenomenon, history. Etc.

What’s your story?

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