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Be encouraged ...

This was on my heart today. Be encouraged my dreamers, my doers. This is for you on the grind, working on your plans a bit at a time, and taking those leaps of faith. This is for you out there wondering if it’ll ever happen, what you’re doing wrong, and why the hell you thought this was a good idea. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there.

I implore you to remember you are awesome! One, two, three, or a thousand setbacks, does not a failure make, as long as you get back in the game. In the face of adversity, negativity, and criticism without a counter balance off positive reinforcement know the struggle is shaping you for something better.

Remember where you were before you arrived at this place in life. Count the blessings, and celebrate your progress. No matter how minute, there are advancements you made.

We’re quick to acknowledge no one is perfect, and yet we often hold ourselves up to such high and rigid standards with no room for flexibility. Give yourself that wiggle room. Even if you only made it half way to your goal this go round, it’s further than if you hadn’t tried, and there is another chance. There’s growth, and learning to be had from a failed attempt.

Pay attention to the environment you find yourself in. It’s so important. Be sure you’re surrounded with those who lift you up and believe in you and your vision. When you see a pattern with someone, who doesn’t adjust to make the appropriate changes. It’s okay to do that. Some ties are meant to be cut, and your peace, and joy are important.

In case you haven't heard this lately, you matter, you rock, you're doing the best you can, and that's amazing. Stay strong Colts, and have each other's backs.

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