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Make time for L-O-V-E & You

In my family, we have a saying, everyone gets a turn. I’ve always been big on teaching my girls it’s not always about you because I don’t think allowing them to believe that would be helping them grow into the best people they can be, and it’s very unrealistic. We all get to choose what we do and get to focus on the things we like. Each of us has “our day.” We celebrate victories, birthdays, etc. individually.

I realized this year I hadn’t taken that as far as I should have. So, I started incorporating more me time, and date nights, because no, your kids can’t always come first. It’s okay for them to sit things out so you can just be an adult. Grandparents, trusted family and friends and a good sitter will keep them safe, occupied, and happy as a lark. It's alright for the kiddos to not get that extra money in the budget because this time it’s going to the parent fund.

We have to feed our souls and show ourselves love and care, and that we too are as important as the tiny beings we’ve created and love. I wish someone had told me that when I first had children. I’m going into 2017 looking forward to more balance and more date nights and weekends trips. I’m a romance author, and I thrive off those captured memories.

If you've followed me, you've seen the theme parties, tea parties, and crafts, I often do

for my kiddos. Next year I'll be planning in some adult events for us. It's going to be fabulous.

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