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Life Happens

I have, to be honest. It’s been a long time since I was this excited to see a year end. I think 2016 has been a tough year for many of us for various reasons. We lost some of the greats who inspired us, saw a country going through turmoil and learned people weren’t who we thought they were. I lost the dear patriarch of our family a few months ago, and the road to that point was even harder. Seeing someone you love robbed of the ability to do the things they love is painful, eye-opening, and time-consuming and exhausting. I learned so much from walking that path with him.

It took sacrifice, but I’d do it again a million times over in a heartbeat. It left its mark on my soul, my writing, and my life in general. I had to ask myself some tough questions and answer them honestly. This led to downtime, a quest, many local trips, and on a low point, the disruption of my writing flow.

To accommodate, I moved to writing novellas. The change of pace has been downright refreshing. I’ve enjoyed the ability to touch on more topics. It was good for me. It let me heal and recharge while staying close to the thing that I love.( Which also happens to keep me sane.) I know some of you wondered why I cut back on the longer lengths and expressed that your desire for longer stories. I understand. I needed to get to the point where I missed them too. I always try to keep things 100 with my Colts, so I’m going a little deep with this post.

I’m looking forward to diving in full force in 2017. You’ll see the return of novels from me. I’ve already got a few new things started. I’m very excited about them. You’ll be seeing snippets, blurbs, covers, and more with publishing schedule rolling out as the New Year approaches.

For all of you who’ve been waiting for me to return to Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance, next year is your time. Don’t worry I’ll also be writing more of the fan favorites series.

Have you weathered any storms this year? Are you making changes in 2017? What are your goals?

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